From the recording Melancholy Breakdown


Rest assured that I will always
Be the one who loves you and is by your side
Till the day I die
For love has conquered me

Deep in the ground of souls
The lonely place that's
Only black-and-white
No fear no fight or flight
The special place
Where I can finally fall to pieces

I'm falling faster my knees to the ground
My bodies screaming
But no one hears a sound
It's bringing me down

What are you now
And how did you begin to lose control
It took a lie and time
We’ll you know it's just not right

Like leaves in the wind I was blown away
You told me that our love was here to stay
Well I was so blind
For the fear had scorched my eyes

I'm going under
Don't let me drown
Lost in the bitter, fog that brings me down
It's bringing me down…Yeah

Time after time again, the haunting breeze
When a whisper feels like the wind
And the witching hour begins
In a crashing wave, our love is gone
What went wrong
And how can I ...still be here!

Don't let the bastards grind you down
Forget the gossip back in town
You see the smirk across their face
You know in time they'll seal their fate

So when your friends all let you down
Pick yourself up off the ground
Yeah deep inside you know the way
Forgive the sin, or let the pain
Take… You down
Oh down...ooh ooh
Yeah down...ooh ooh