Having the privilege to work with such talented musicians on this project was a pleasure, a gift, and another level of inspiration!” - Greg Goebelt

Saint Sebastian

indie rock artist releases debut ep in january, 2020

Pacific northwest indie/alt rock artist, Saint Sebastian, is releasing a debut EP, Melancholy Breakdown, featuring the new single, Centipede Girl, and film festival multi-award-winning single, Down (Don’t let the bastards grind you down), in January, 2020. The EP is available for purchase digitally and as a hardcover CD, and has been distributed to 320 national AAA/college radio stations, and to top streaming services - Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube and more.

Saint Sebastian is a debut solo project fronted by songwriter and vocalist, Greg Goebelt, with a sound that can be described as “melody with melancholy” backed by a “rock-solid beat,” and firmly in the alternative/indie rock genre. Goebelt has collected a impressive group of guest star musicians to create a memorable debut EP for 2020.  


Guitar and bass by Jeff Pevar (David Crosby, Marc Cohn, Jefferson Starship); drums by Shay Godwin (Andra Day, The Dirty Diamond); guitar, production, mixing, and backing vocals by Bret Levick (acclaimed producer/songwriter); and soundscaping/synth on the song Down by Brent Daniels (composer for Sony, Fox, HBO, and Paramount).

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