France's DIRECT ACTU Magazine & Blog Reviews our music video "Down"

A great review was just posted by Direct Actu, a french online music & entertainment blog. 

"Direct Actu" shared the video and had some nice words to say as well.  below is a link to their site.  They're also on Facebook & Instagram.  Pay them a visit, use "Google Translate," and tell them Saint Sebastian sent you :)

Visit DIRECT ACTU and read the review

"The American group Saint Sebastian aka solo project by Greg Goebelt offers us a trendy rock clip between The Witcher, Vikings and Game of Thrones. Musically the title is very pop rock, it does not seek to play with the alternative or any other underground genre. Around 1:16 the title adds an interesting freedom compared to the first verses and we find that the title is effective, simple and fresh, with a thunder bridge."

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