Melancholy Breakdown Charts Top 145 on College Music Charts!!! 

Were currently 145 on the College Music Charts!!!

 Weekly results are released by the NNCA, CMJ and College Music Charts, and this last week our EP, Melancholy Breakdown went from 395 as a debut number, to an amazing 145!  Thats within 2 1/2 weeks of play.  You can help by calling or emailing your LOCAL COLLEGE RADIO STATION and requesting a song from the EP. We will be listing radio stations here soon so you can find one in your area.  hopefully we'll be able to supply the phone number as well.

France's DIRECT ACTU Magazine & Blog Reviews our music video "Down" 

A great review was just posted by Direct Actu, a french online music & entertainment blog. 

"Direct Actu" shared the video and had some nice words to say as well.  below is a link to their site.  They're also on Facebook & Instagram.  Pay them a visit, use "Google Translate," and tell them Saint Sebastian sent you :)

Visit DIRECT ACTU and read the review

"The American group Saint Sebastian aka solo project by Greg Goebelt offers us a trendy rock clip between The Witcher, Vikings and Game of Thrones.

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Indie Rock Band SAINT SEBASTIAN Gains National Radio Distribution with Debut Single Centipede Girl 

Rock Band SAINT SEBASTIAN Gains National Radio Distribution with Debut Single Centipede Girl

OREGON, USA — Pacific Northwest Indie/Alt rock band, Saint Sebastian, released their debut EP, Melancholy Breakdown, January 14th, 2020 and has gained national radio distribution to over 320 adult alternative/college radio stations with the strength of the debut single, Centipede Girl!

CENTIPEDE GIRL captures the classic relationship story of “the dance” - the love game when you want someone and the more you chase…

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ASHLAND, OREGON, USA — Pacific Northwest Indie/Alt rock band Saint Sebastian is releasing their debut EP, Melancholy Breakdown, featuring the new single, Centipede Girl, Libertine, and film festival multi-award-winning single, Down (Don’t let the bastards grind you down), on January 14th, 2020. The EP will be available for purchase digitally and as a hardcover CD (through official website and Amazon), and it will be distributed…

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WINNER "BEST NEW VIDEO" 2017 Oregon Independent Film Festival-3RD win for Saint Sebastian's music video 

This Oregon Independent Film Festival award, for Best New Video 2017, for the music video and song DOWN, is Saint Sebastian's 3rd win in the film festival circuit.  With 15 more entries, and 4 "in-consideration" at this time.  It's an exciting time for Saint Sebastian as they are in the final stages of finishing their first EP, Melancholy Breakdown. Last minute production additions such as cello and guitar, and playing around with vocal layering instead of using synths.  Plus mixing has begun.

Winning The…

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Winner of 2016 MEDFF Film Festival "Best Music Video 2016" 

Saint Sebastian vide, "Down" directed by Sean Nipper won "Best Music Video" at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Italy.  This is the first win out of 10 submissions. We're very proud of the student/pro combo f locals who helped and donated their time and expertise, and equipment.  Thanks Oregon Shakespeare Festival for the props, and Amy at SOU for making all the costumes.  More news about the music video soon!

Can't believe it! Selected for the "Oregon Independent Film Festival!" what an honor...very surprise 

Can't believe "Down" was selected for the Oregon Independent Film Festival.  Portland, Oregon and Eugene, Oregon.  I'll post the dates soon.  I'll actually post all the dates of each film festival I've been selected for.  But this one make me proud!  Again thanks to the cast and crew. Sean Nipper, Mig Windows and a big list of names as soon as I update this post tomorrow. Still waiting for responses from "London Lift-off" and the "Dublin Film Festival."  But this is great! Waiting for the "Selection 2017"…

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Music Video "DOWN" is doing very well on the Film Festival circuit 

Written in 2015 this song & video (2016), "DOWN" is current with its "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down," shout out at the end of the bridge, reflecting the struggle that's now depicted in Margaret Atwood's book and the new #Hulu Series The Handmaids Tale. The band Saint Sebastian, and #songwriter & #vocalist Greg Goebelt got the quote from its original phrase during WW 1.

It's a quote that's moved around and has been used in different countries for years. Winner of the MEDFF film festival "Best…

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Saint Sebastian is Reverberation's ARTIST OF THE DAY! June 6th, 2017 

My Music project and band, "Saint Sebastian" is Reverberation's ARTIST OF THE DAY!!!! How great is that! Please take time to share this to help spread across the nation. "Plays" and "fans" have increased pretty fast! Ranked #49 Nationally for Alternative rock on Reverberation!

Listen to the song "Centipede Girl" a new song coming out soon, and watch the video for Down.

We've won 1 award and have been selected in 3 Film Festivals coming up. Thank you to #reverbnation for picking me and the band for this…

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The Handmaids Tale on HULU uses Margret Attwoods Quote and WW2 Quote Thats the title and theme of ST 

I used the quote, "Don't let the bastards grind you down," for a reason.  It was selected from the original General from WW2 as well as from Margaret Atwoods book.  I'm speaking of the HULU Original The Handmaids Tale.

I was raised in Santa Cruz, California I had a "LOT" of feminist role models.  My stepmom, woman in town, my ex-girlfriend, the local book store (Portlandia) and the whole city was a hold out for radical thought and woman's rights.  I've read a lot of feminist books (girlfriend orders when…

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