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by Saint Sebastian

Released 2016
Released 2016
Saint Sebastian presents a unique but familiar and well-produced sound with rock anthem hooks that leave a lasting impression on your musical memory. Saint Sebastian supports and donates to the National Fibromyalgia Association for a test or cure.
"Down" is a well-orchestrated journey into the emotions of a free-fall, a breakdown, a coming apart at the seems, with a cautionary tale at the end. It grabs you from the beginning, beats you up with the chorus hook and builds to a rapturous ending all in 4 minutes. It echoes everything from early Pink Floyd to U2 with an almost Gothic feel. This is the first single of the album, Melancholy Breakdown, which is due to be released in 2017.

The Album: (due in 2017)
The songs of Melancholy Breakdown are about specific emotions that each one of us, one day, will most likely have to face. Betrayal, loss, vulnerability, anger, desperation, physical pain, death and even revenge. The dark and melancholy feel of the content is blended nicely with a resilient energy of picking yourself back up and moving forward. The emotional hook is there for you to experience without teaching or preaching. Saint Sebastian captures the feeling but leaves any interpretation to the listener.

Saint Sebastian is a band created and fronted by songwriter and vocalist Greg Goebelt. Saint Sebastian’s debut album, Melancholy Breakdown, is produced by songwriter and guitarist, Bret Levick. Goebelt’s music has a distinct and identifiable sound with strong melodic hooks that stick to your musical memory. Although the theme could be described as “melancholic,” the music is firmly in the alternative, modern rock genre. The electric guitars are crunchy but warm and drive steady, clean melodies supported by strong drum tracks by Shay Godwin. Goebelt’s buoyant voice and stylized lyrics ride the songs like a cross between Brian Ferry and Peter Murphy. The bridges have a hint of early 60’s psychedelic pop with an overall nod to the 80’s and 90’s. Unique but familiar, diverse but accessible, independent but well-produced, Saint Sebastian presents a genuinely alternative sound with rock anthem hooks that leave a lasting impression on your musical memory. Special guest: guitarist for the stars, Jeff Pevar.